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King of the Course Golf is a 3-D golf game that perfectly combines the realistic elements of this sport with other elements that are more like an arcade game in order to give you a direct and fun experience.

Players travel through a map that is divided into different levels, just like in Candy Crush Saga. The goal is to get all the stars in each level and to do this, you have to overcome the challenges, which change as you go through the game, presented in each level.

In the first level, for example, you just have to try to get 3 balls as close to the hole as possible by starting from the beginning of the course. So, to take your shot, all you have to do is use your fingertip as a club.

Other levels in King of the Course Golf, however, force you to try to take the last shot to get the ball in the hole. On these occasions, the only thing you can do is drain the shot directly.

King of the Course Golf is a very fun golf game from the minds of EA Sports and its gameplay is somewhere between arcade and simulation.
By Álvaro Toledo

Requires Android 2.3.3 or higher.

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